I (started to) write this while sitting in airport number 1 of the 4 I travel through before I get back to Newcastle. This first one is Brunei – then Kuala Lumpur – then Heathrow – then finally, Newcastle.

It being Brunei there is no alcohol served in the airport so I’ve eaten a lasagne so garlicky I will be safe for the next 22 hours from vampires. Or just people generally. I hereby apologise to anyone who is cramped into a seat next to me while I sleep breathe on them. Because there is no doubt I will be asleep at some point. Possibly snoring. Definitely drooling.

I have in my bag three books. All of which I am pretty certain I will not read. I’ll try certainly but my eyes will droop and my mind will wander. I have a notebook in case I get the sudden urge to draw or write. I won’t. But like a child, I like to have options. Or ambitions. Whatever.

I have noise cancelling headphones which are my only essential item when travelling, along with a ton of music on my phone. I need something to drown out the babies and people screaming. That and the noise of people breathing & eating. 24 hours crammed into a tiny space is not for the faint hearted and I totally get why people have panic attacks on planes. Me, I just need to be able to close my eyes and hope it’ll all be over soon. Or hope that someone, somewhere is a day away from inventing a teleportation device.

Apart from that I must admit the people watching in airports is pretty good. They definitely being out the best and absolute worst in people. I’m now in Newcastle airport waiting to fly a measly 5 hours to Cyprus. There’s no pretense in “local” airports. People are off on their once a year holiday for the most part. Generally look happy and are slowly numbing their nerves with as much alcohol as they can take without falling over & not being allowed on the plane. The danger will come once they are on the plane and start necking benzos to help them sleep. One too many vodkas with one too many benzos and you’re singing, slurring and stumbling your way through a flight. I just pray I’m not sitting next to you.

As it was I ended up sat next to an older lady who was going blind and had started a bucket list before her eyes deteriorated into total blindness. It made me think a lot about how lucky most of us are that we are given opportunities to travel and to experience new things. And that sometimes we take things for granted. We moan about things, like air travel, that most of the world would be grateful, even ecstatic to be able to do. I vow here on out, therefore, to try my very, very best not to.

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