You’re her, aren’t you?

So I went to Singapore on a school trip… which sounds weird in itself cos when I was at school we were lucky if we went to Bill Quay Farm. It was accompanying students who were participating in Model United Nations, which again is not something us comp school kids did – or any type of debating to be honest – the teachers were just lucky if they got us through our GCSEs without us getting pregnant or some form of drug addiction… ah the 1990s…

So anyway coming back through Changi Airport with a load of 16 year olds in tow I get pulled over by airport security on the premise that she wants to check my bag. She has a badge which says “supervisor” on it, so I know to be super polite & as lovely as I can be.

“You’re her aren’t you?” She says excitedly,


“Oh my God, it is isn’t it” she says to the other security guard. The other guard looks equally excitable…

Now for context I’m dressed smart. I have on a white flowing dress, heels and make up. All of which is totally unusual, as I usually dress like a complete tramp, but Model UN insists on business dress so here I am apparently looking like a movie star or something. Like Emma Stone or Lindsay Lohan maybe..?

“You are, you are” she exclaims

“You’re Mr Beans girlfriend!”

Say what now?!

“Can you sign this for me? My son is going to be so excited I met you!”

“I’m not Mr Beans girlfriend”

She looked so disappointed I can’t help but smile. Which she takes as I’m just messing with her. This goes back & forth a few times until I end up signing my first & only autograph with “Mr Beans Girlfriend”.

When I get home I happily tell my bloke that I got mistaken for a famous person… then I Google her… and realise, to my dismay, that I clearly didn’t look half as glam as I thought I did…

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