Virtual Jungle ‘Running’

This morning I was out walking – I’d love to say running but the only thing I’m running for in this heat is an ice cream van – cursing myself yet again that the only person I had to blame for this was myself. In a moment of “yay I’m gonna get fit” bullsh*t, I signed myself up to a Virtual Jungle Runners challenge. This is where for a month you clock all the kilometres you “run” over the month with the aim of hitting 50, 100 or 200km. The challenge ends tomorrow & I have 10km to go to get to 50km (as I’m not only lazy but a massive procrastinator so did sweet buggar all for the first 2 weeks). This morning I set my alarm early so I could go out when it’s not hotter than the sun, but as the koala is my spirit animal, I knocked it off & rolled straight back over. Cue I now go out at 9am instead of 7am swearing, sweating & sunburning my way to 6km. I’d love to say I’d learn some kind of lesson from this but I’ll probably do the same thing tomorrow but at least there’s only 4km to go. Then I’m going to make like a koala and sleep for a week.

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