Well hello there *waves*

Hiya! How’s it going? Welcome to my blog. I had better introduce myself better I…

So my name is Aylssa… no that’s not how you pronounce it. But that’s ok – I don’t hold it against you for saying my name wrong in your head – it’s not Alyssa (Ah – liss – ah), its Ailsa (Ale – Sa) with a weird spelling. Yeah you’re right it kinda does sound like Elsa…and yeah I would absolutely love to build a snowman with you. Except I now live on the equator and it never snows – so that could be a problem...

I’ve lived outside the UK for a while now. First in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (2010-2011) and currently in Brunei (2014 – present) so I figured it might be time to write a blog to record the ridiculous situations I find myself in as a Geordie abroad. For those who don’t know what a Geordie is it means I come from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. We are consistently voted as having one of the friendliest (and least intelligent) sounding accents in the UK. This also means outside of the north east no one can understand a word you are saying but more of that on a later post!

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