This is Not How I Die & Other Stupidity

Monkeys are Bastards.

And sometimes you have to think about how to best survive a monkey attack while being unable to keep a straight face and only holding a wine glass… A podcast from a little while back

Blown Away

This is Majuro International Airport. Yes, it is that close to the sea. I remember when we flew into it after 3 days of travelling to the Marshall Islands, looking out of the plane window and only being able to see water as we landed. It was like we were Jesus – which is kind…

Driving in Phuket

I drove in Phuket today. It was like being in a computer game. Your mission: ensure a cheery disposition at all times by singing to music illegally downloaded from YouTube in the 2000s, and NEVER honk your horn while avoiding the following: white bearded topless men on scooters wobbly weaving in and out of traffic…

Getting stuck down a hole with a dog

We’re back in lockdown here after over 400 days of no community cases so what better time than to start a podcast! My first one focuses on jumping down this hole to save my dog… and getting stuck there for hours.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Aylssa. This is not me, although according to a Singaporean Customs Officer I do resemble Mr Bean’s girlfriend. I was chuffed when they told me that. I’m from Newcastle but ran away in my 30s and am now pottering around South East Asia.

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